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Post 5. Cretaceous dinosaur fossil sites and Jeju Island (UNESCO's World Natural Heritage) in Korea

Aug. 31 – Sep. 04

Organizer: Kyungsik Kim (Chonbuk National University),

Co-organizer: Eunkyoung Jeong (Chonbuk National University)


Aug. 31Meeting point : Kimhae International Airport at 13:00

        Move to Koseung county by bus (about 3 hrs.)

visit the Dinosaur foot print site of the Cretaceous at Koseung, Chonnam

        stay at hotel.

Sep. 01move to Dinosaur Museum at Uhang-ri in Hanam, Chonnam (about 4 hrs by bus)

visit Dinosaur footprint site of the Cretaceous and Museum

    move to Kwangju Airport and take supper and flight to Cheju at 19:30 (about 1.5 hr)

        stay at hotel.

Sep. 02visit Ilchoolbong (volcanic creater), Sanbang-san, Manjanggul cave (lava cave)

stay at Cheju City

Sep. 03climbing Mt. Halla (the highest mountain in S. Korea)

        Stay at Cheju City

Sep. 04flight to the Incheon Airport (in Seoul) from Cheju Airport


There are several dinosaur fossil sites in Korea. Among them, Koseung and Haenam counties have the biggest dinosaur fossil sites. In particular the Uhang-ri fossil site in Hanam county is famous for the co-occurrence of pterosaur and bird foot prints. In addition there is a big dinosaur museum at the two fossil sites. After finishing the observation of dinosaur fossil sites, we move to the Cheju Island by ferry boat, which is the biggest island in Korea. The Cheju Island is designated as World Natural Heritage by UNESCO and has one of seven superb natural landscapes in the world. There are several big lava caves in this island. The Mt. Halla located at the center of the island is a volcanic mountain with a crater “Paikrokdam” at its top. In this trip we are going to observe one of the biggest lava caves “Manjanggul” and the second biggest crater “Ilchoolbong”. Finally, we will have a climbing of the Mt. Halla whose height is about 1920 m. There are many endemic plants in this mountain. 

Expenses: Between KRWon 1,320,000 and KRWon 1,050,000 depending on number of participants (KRWon 1,320,000 for 10-14, KRWon 1,140,000 for 15-19, KRWon 1,050,000 for more than 20 participants), including flight fee from Kwangju to Cheju and Cheju to Seoul Kimpo Airport, all meals, hotel,
entrance fee of view points, guide (English speaking) and transportation.
Extra charge for one single room: KRWon 285,000.
Payment method of fees for this trip (individual payment by credit card) will be informed from the organizer.

Registration by the online registration form ( is necessary.

Maximum Number of Participants: 40,    Minimum Number of Participants: 10

Ilchoolbong in Cheju Island

Paikrokdam in Cheju Island

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