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Post-4. The Jehol Biota of western Liaoning, NE China.

Aug 31- Sep 4

Organizer: Sun Ge (College of Paleontology, Shenyang Normal University),

Co-organizers: Zhang Yi (College of Paleontology, Shenyang Normal University),


Aug 31 Tokyo – (Beijing) – Shenyang (by flight) .

stay at Shenyang.

Sep 1 Shenyang – Chaoyang

visit the Paleontological Museum of Chaoyang,

stay at Chaoyang

Sep 2 visit the Huangbanjigou and Sihetun Sections of Beipiao,

stay at Chaoyang.

Sep 3 Chaoyang – Shenyang

visit the Paleontological Museum of Liaoning,

stay at Shenyang.

Sep 4 Shenyang – Tokyo or homelands, end of the excursion.


The major activities of the excursion are:

1) to see Huangbanjigou and Sihetun sections of the Yixian Formation in Beipiao, western Liaoning, in which early angiosperm Archaefructus and feathered dinosaurs, and other famous past lives of Early Cretaceous Johel Biota (120-130 Ma) are well-preserved;

2) to visit Paleontological Museum of Chaoyang and the new Paleontological Museum of Liaoning (PMOL) in Shenyang. PMOL, the largest paleontological museum in China, is located at Shenyang Normal University, exhibiting precious specimens collected from famous ten biotas in the geological history of Liaoning since Archean period, especially the Early Life of Anshan Biota (ca.2500 Ma), Yanliao Biota (ca. 165 Ma), Jehol Biota (ca. 120-130Ma) and Ancient Man of Liaoning. The Jehol Biota includes the fossils of “Cradle of Early Flowers”, “Dinosaur Kingdom”, “Ancient Bird Garden”, and “Other Associated Animal Fossils”

The Paleontological Museum of Chaoyang, as one of important parts of the Chaoyang Bird fossil National Geopark, is situated at the Shangheshou, which is also one of famous fossil sites of Jehol Biota, yielding well-preserved animal fossils from the Jiufutang Formation representing the late assemblage of the Jehol Biota (ca.120-122 Ma).

Expenses: 2700 RMB, including hotels (1000 RMB), meals (500 RMB), transportation in China (550 RMB), charges of geopark in Chaoyang (CY) and field museum of Sihetun, Beipiao (BP) (100 RMB), and the organization fee and Guide Book, etc. (550 RMB), excluding the charges for the flight Tokyo-Shenyang and vice versa.

All payments for this field trip in China should be paid by cash (which can be used with JPY, US$, Euro, and RMB). The other payment method can not be accepted.

Registration by the online registration form ( is necessary.

Maximum Number of Participants: 30

Huangbanjigou section in Beipiao

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