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Mid-1. Beech forest in Mt. Takao and a latest Pliocene fossil forest in Hachioji, West Tokyo

Aug. 26, 2012

Organizer: Arata Momohara (Chiba University)

Co-organizers: Tohru Fukushima (Musashino School of Paleontology)

Itinerary: Meet at 8:00 am at Chuo-Univeresity – take a hike in Mt.Takao – visit latest Pliocene fossil forest on the riverbed of Kita Asakawa River at Hachioji City – return to Chuo-University (Finish at about 18:30 pm) 


Mt. Takao located on the western edge of Tokyo is covered by natural and semi-natural forests with a rich flora. Deciduous forests around the peak (alt. 599m) dominated by Fagus japonica and Abies firma represent an ecotone from the evergreen broad-leaved forest zone with Quercus subgen. Cyclobalanopsis to the cool temperate deciduous forest zone dominated by Fagus crenata. This mountain is also famous for Buddhist temples and a stunning view of Mt. Fuji from the summit. We will go halfway up the mountain by cable car and take a hike in the forest around the summit (about 5km). After a walk down to the foot of the mountain, we will visit a latest Pliocene fossil forest on the riverbed of the Kita Asakawa River. Several conifer stamps are exposed on fluvial sediments that include cones and shoots of Metasequoia. Plenty of fossil footprints left by elephants and deer also present an example of the paleo-ecosystem in the Plio-Pleistocene wetland forests of central Japan.

Expense: 7,000 JPY: excluding lunch (1,000~1,500 JPY) at Mt. Takao

Maximum participants: 20,   Minimum participants: 8

Additional Informations: Mt. Takao

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Latest Pliocene fossil forest on Kita Asakawa River